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Index Invest, the investment solution for everyone. Whether you are a novice or an experienced stock market investor, our service offers you a unique opportunity to benefit from the growth of global markets with unrivalled simplicity and efficiency.

Accessibility : Start with a minimal initial investment and let the potential of the markets work for you.
Simplicity : No need to become a stock market expert. We make investing understandable and accessible.
Transparency : No hidden costs. Benefit from a clear cost structure and a transparent investment approach.

Our strategy

How does Index Invest work?

Index Invest revolutionises investing by connecting you directly to the power of the world's stock markets. Our new investment system allows you to place your financial portfolio on the growth of the best stock markets, removing all the risks associated with using ETFs to replicate the performance of a stock market index. Increased advantages and reduced disadvantages.

Simplicity above all

Invest in a global stock market index selected for its historical performance. No expertise is required on your part. When stock markets rise in value, so does your portfolio!

Automated investment

Your capital is automatically allocated to follow the stock markets, with our team taking care of rebalancing, respecting the coefficients and making any changes to your portfolio.

Global growth

Benefit directly from the growth of the world's stock markets. Billions of dollars are traded every day! Take your share of the cake by investing in international growth.

Ease of use

Our terms and conditions

Minimum investment

100 €

Frequency of yields

Dependent on stock markets

Estimated annual performance

9% (rolling average)

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