That's it! Did your number win? Has your life just changed for the better? You're now a millionaire and you've already got glitter in your eyes. You probably have lots of dreams to fulfil. You're not the only one who feels this way. Everyone who makes it through a stressful stage and wins always has an adrenalin rush. Going from an ordinary person to a millionaire can be the most incredible experience in a person's life.

On the other hand, all this happiness can be brought to an abrupt end if certain arrangements are not made as quickly as possible. Rest assured, we're not here to be a killjoy. We're thinking about your well-being and, above all, your future life. After all this emotion and happiness, you now need to come back to reality and ask yourself the right questions. You need to ask yourself what you're actually going to do with this money, whether you should continue with the game, whether you should move house, how you should invest it, and so on. All these questions will disturb you, but they can also lead you to a safe harbour if you make the right choices.

This guide will help you through this new stage in your life by offering you the best alternatives and advice.

Exercise discretion and caution

It's very easy to go from "everything" to "nothing". Discretion and caution should be your watchwords. Money attracts everything, especially vultures. We advise you to remain anonymous about your winnings for your own safety. Your new situation will attract the envious, the jealous and above all the people who will see you as a solution to all their problems. Your loved ones will want to make their dreams come true through you. The French state does not regard your money as normal income, but as gambling winnings. You must exercise caution and discretion with the people closest to you. Be careful who you tell about the true source of your money.

Paying attention to pleasures and first purchases

80 million euros will no longer be intact as soon as a single euro is withdrawn from it. So be aware that the more money you take out, the longer it will last. Most winners who are happy with their new situation just want to treat themselves. This pleasure can be the purchase of a new car, moving into a residential area, a trip or impulse purchases. These are very big risks if you have to make them your daily routine. Buying or building a house, for example, is a great project, but it also involves tax. And you need to be well-informed before venturing into it. We recommend that you don't take big risks. You need to think about making your money grow. To do this, you can start with small investments. Any major investments should be made in such a way as to ensure that your assets last.

Find out how the tax system works as quickly as possible

Tax issues should never be neglected in your situation. It remains the most complex part of wealth management. You're certainly used to paying tax like any honest citizen, but with your current earnings, you may be surprised by rules such as wealth tax. Even if this law has been repealed, you are not really immune. For example, after you've won, France won't consider your money as normal income, but as a gambling win. So you won't have to pay a lot of tax. On the other hand, if the money is kept in your Livret A or your current account and you start investing in property, you risk paying a huge amount of tax. These taxes can amount to several million euros, depending on a progressive scale. They are known as taxes on real estate wealth (IFI).

That's why it's important to understand how tax works and what it entails, so that you don't see your wealth diminish over time. When you choose to invest, you should expect to implement strategies that will enable you to make the most of every penny you lose in tax. To do this, you need the help of an adviser.

Making reliable investments to grow your assets

At this stage, your resource should not be static. As much as you will be making outflows, you should also be making inflows. To do this, you need investments that fit in with your new life project. The key word here in each of your investments is to create new income for yourself. As such, we'll be talking to you about property investment and financial investments.

Property investment

Described as a means of generating income, property investment takes into account :

professional furnished rental or non-professional furnished rental: this is an investment in furnished flats. These can be used as company headquarters, student accommodation or private homes. This type of investment provides you with legal protection through a commercial lease agreement with the property manager. You will receive monthly income in the form of rent; SCPIs: in one way or another, they allow you to avoid being taxed. By investing in them, you won't have to manage the property yourself;
conventional property: this involves buying a property such as a block of flats that you can convert into a second home. On the other hand, the tax burden on a property of this type is fairly high, unless it is covered by the Malraux law.

Financial investments

Here, you can invest in life assurance or capitalisation insurance policies. Thanks to the amount of your investment, you will have access to contracts that are beyond your comprehension and that even surpass bank contracts. You will benefit from a well-defined approach that will assess the risks you wish to take on your investment. You can invest more than €100,000 to gain access to much more attractive contracts and structured products.

Managing your assets

This is the most important stage in your life. It's clear that you can't manage your assets on your own. You need to entrust this task to a company that will accompany you and help you every step of the way. And that's the main reason why Ravel Finance exists. Our portfolio management company will support you with its financial management and investment skills. We take care of your assets by advising you on the best investments to help them grow.