1. The company.

de Ravel Finance is a portfolio and investment fund management company.

Owner: de Ravel Finance
Investment offices : 167-169 Great Portland Street 5th Floor, London, W1W 5PF, United Kingdom
Administrative and accounting offices: Väike-Paala tn 2, Lasnamäe linnaosa 11415 Tallinn

2. Financial Regulator.

Estonia's financial regulator manages and distributes marketing and service authorisations for the Ravel Finance company.

Licence number: FFA000452
Link to the official licence : https://mtr.ttja.ee/taotluse_tulemus/574392?backurl=%40juriidiline_isik_show%3Fid%3D313534

EMIR / LEI number : 984500B4D8DCC5775311
Link to 
register official : https://www.leiregister.ee/leicert/984500B4D8DCC5775311/

Our offices

de Ravel Finance
167-169 Great Portland Street 5th Floor
London, W1W 5PF
United Kingdom

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