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Investing is no longer just for the wealthy. At de Ravel Finance, we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to invest and have their money work for them. With this in mind, we have created the 'Estate Invest' service. Start your investment journey with just €500 and discover the benefits of professional portfolio management.

Access to professional investment strategies.
Diversify your portfolio to minimise risk.
Secure online platform for tracking your investment.
Total transparency and real-time monitoring.
No investment knowledge required.

Our strategy

An effective approach

At the heart of our Estate Invest service is a unique investment strategy we call Immobilier Boursier in partnership with de Ravel Estate. We combine the benefits of property investment, known for its stability and consistent returns, with those of stock market investment for enhanced growth and diversification. This innovative approach delivers optimum performance while minimising risk for our clients, even with modest initial investments. With Estate Invest, you have access to a professional investment strategy previously reserved for the very wealthy.

Ease of use

Our terms and conditions

Minimum investment

500 €

Frequency of yields

Monthly / Quarterly

Estimated annual performance

5% - 12%

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